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We strive to serve humanity by using technology and innovation to combat some of the world's biggest crises. Our goal is to create lasting and impactful products that ensure safety and freedom from fear for people worldwide.

Our Story

Ultraloop Technologies is taking on the global pandemic by creating groundbreaking technology to prevent the spread of the novel Covid-19 virus. With the aid of rigorous research & development, we aim to implement our technology at scale and help beak the highly infectious coronavirus chain. Our array of products is backed by solid scientific research and evidence, along with a human-centric design approach to make disinfecting effortless.


Ultraloop employs Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technology to destroy the Covid-19 virus from any surface. UV-C disinfection has gained favor due to its efficacy against a broad range of microbial and viral agents in various environments. UVC is aptly absorbed by RNA and DNA bases leading to molecular structural damage via a process called photodimerization. This process results in the Covid-19 and other pathogen inactivation, so they are no longer able to replicate.

How it works

The correct wavelength of ultraviolet must be used for germicidal applications, which cause the pathogen to become deactivated. DNA and RNA are the building blocks of life, including microscopic organisms and pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and molds. Without this genetic material, pathogens are unable to reproduce, eventually leading to the death of an infectious colony. DNA molecules comprise nucleic acids called adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T). Robust and repeated research has found that when thymine is exposed to specific ultraviolet wavelengths, the molecule absorbs the ultraviolet energy and undergoes a chemical bond change. This change in chemical bond configuration results in an alteration of the DNA sequence, which prevents the pathogen from reproducing. 


Thymine (and Uracil) have absorption spectra that are especially sensitive at wavelengths at or near 265 nanometers. At wavelengths longer than 300 nanometers, there is almost no absorption. Thymine and Uracil are not reactive to UV-A wavelengths, and most UV-B wavelengths except those at or below 300 nanometers. UV-C exposes the DNA and breaks down the hydrogen bond between adenosine and thymine. The same happens to the Covid-19 Virus when exposed to UV-C light. The UV rays penetrate the virus shell, reaching its RNA strand and gets absorbed by the RNA nucleotides. A chain of photochemical fusion of two adjacent nucleotides permanently changes the structure of the virus RNA, making it incapable of infecting and live cells.


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