Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Earlier this Spring, Ultraloop Technologies announced that they have partnered with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to bring their UVC sanitation technology to six different locations across the main campus. The company has been working with UNC’s Senior Vice Provost for Business Operations, Rick Wernoski, and his team to implement this pilot since late March, and is quickly approaching its launch date upon the arrival of students on campus this fall. The UVC sanitation devices will help the university—and, the community of Chapel Hill—transition to a cleaner, and safer space on campus as classes return to in-person this fall.

Aditya Bhatt, the CEO of Ultraloop and UNC-Chapel Hill student, had this to say when asked about what bringing this device to campus means to him:

This pilot will be our way to get feedback from the campus community and improve our product as we expand to other campuses. We want to remain on campus and be ready for the next wave or variants without having to go remote!

— Aditya Bhatt (Rising Junior at UNC, and Founder of Ultraloop Technologies, Inc.)

In early March, with the help of the Shuford Program and their Director, Bernard Bell, Ultraloop was able to present their solution to UNC-Chapel Hill’s Chancellor, Kevin Guskiewicz (pictured below). With these devices, Ultraloop aims to build upon existing sanitation measures taken by Chapel Hill to further enhance the safety of the student’s and staff.

Jared Porter (Freshman), Aditya Bhatt (Sophomore), and Mukesh Loganathan (Sophomore) pitch their start-up—Ultraloop Technologies—at UNC-Chapel Hill’s South Building to Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz, in hopes to partner with the university.

The chancellor’s support on Twitter will assist these devices to become more familiar as students, faculty, and staff adjust to using them this upcoming fall. Ultraloop aims to use this opportunity to spread awareness of their devices before they are seen in person throughout campus.

“It was an honor to meet and present Ultraloop to our Chancellor back in March. His support and enthusiasm paved the way for us to bring our device to UNC’s campus this fall.”

— Jared Porter (Rising Sophomore at UNC, and COO of Ultraloop Technologies, Inc.)

Bernard Bell, executive director of the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship, has mentored Ultraloop Technologies. He said he is impressed with the work ethic of Bhatt and Loganathan.

“I think working with them, they are more technical than many of our students,” Bell said. “They have an entrepreneurial maturity that is not typical for someone of their age. They are not tentative in their desire to move the ball down the field. As a result, they get things done, and then they come back to me and ask for what’s next.” — from the Daily Tar Heel

These devices will be fully installed on campus starting August 14th at the following locations:

  • Carolina Student Union

  • Davis Library (entry and exit)

  • Hilton James Dormitory

  • Gardner Lecture Hall

  • Health Sciences Library

  • Undergraduate Library’s Digital Media Center

Sanitation is as easy as placing your personal belongings into the Ultraloop and in 30 seconds, your items will be disinfected with UV-C rays that will eliminate 99.98% of germs. UV-C interferes with the DNA of bacteria and viruses in a way that makes them unable to reproduce and spread. This process helps cut down on the amount of chemical disinfectants and move UNC-Chapel Hill towards a greener future. The Ultraloop 2.0 has a robust 32-litre chamber that works wonders on items such as phones, wallets, keys, water bottles, laptops, textbooks, and even backpacks—while walking in and out of these buildings.

Ultraloop will be working closely with Chapel Hill to study the impact that these devices will have on campus by using its built-in IoT features that can track data usage, and they aim to reduce the transmission of infectious disease and pathogens to enable a safer and cleaner environment for students and staff.

Ultraloop will be collaborating with the school of medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill to test our UVC sanitizer in a wide variety of conditions to show how effective it is against infectious pathogens and improve its function. The company will be working together to research cutting-edge UVC technology that aims to make our device faster in sanitizing all the items and killing even the toughest of germs.

One of the directors of research at the UNC School of Medicine is guiding the Ultraloop team here at UNC and oversees a team of researchers studying epigenetics. Their support and vast experience in the biotechnology field will help the company’s research move at a quick pace and into devices for customers to use in no time.

The Ultraloop team is excited to bring their device to UNC-Chapel Hill’s campus this fall. Being students of the campus themselves, Ultraloop’s founders are excited to give back to the community by helping solve sanitation in a new, unique way.

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Updated: Aug 3, 2021

There have been a lot of changes going on this past year due to the Coronavirus pandemic and contributing to conversations surrounding sanitation is important to us. This blog will be a place to learn more about the technology used in UV-C and to allow you to get to know more about Ultraloop as a company as well as future plans, updates, news and more.

With the Coronavirus pandemic still affecting our lives everyday, it has definitely changed the way society approaches public spaces, sanitation as well as how we take care of our personal belongings.

Sanitation was pushed to its limits this past year, and there certainly has been a need for an alternative sanitizing process for everyday items like your phone, wallet, and keys as well as shared items in high traffic areas like grocery stores.

Ultraloop Technologies is a student-based Healthcare Technology company, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

That is why here at Ultraloop we have made a device that uses UV-C technology to sanitize your items safely. UV-C technology has be

en used in healthcare and food industries for over 30 years and is quite underutilized.

Simply by placing items into the Ultraloop without overlapping them, closing the lid and at the press of a button: ta-da! Your phone, keys, or other items can be sanitized safely and effectively.

Here at Ultraloop we aim to make sanitization accessible, easy, and effective, especially amidst a time where it is more important than ever. Our CEO, Aditya Bhatt, created Ultraloop to fill in the gaps left behind by alternative sanitizing options and to give a better alternative for everyday use.

Our current priorities are in mass sanitation to reduce the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases in areas where such things are abundant, like hospitals, schools, warehouses and factories. We’re currently making grassroots connections with elementary, middle, high schools, as well as universities, including UNC – Chapel Hill.

The Ultraloop device uses ultraviolet light (UVC) to sanitize 99.99% of bacteria 360 degrees around each object leaving it completely disinfected. Without the moisture of wipes or sprays, Ultraloop is perfect for devices like phones, laptops, and headphones.

That is why here at Ultraloop we have made a device that uses UV-C technology to sanitize your items safely. UV-C technology has been used in healthcare and food industries for over 30 years and is quite underutilized.

With a proven track record, selling over 5,000 devices to businesses in India, we look to make Ultraloop an international staple, changing the future of how we protect ourselves from pathogens.

This is only the beginning of these blogs and we have more content coming in the near future and we hope you stay around and be a part of this journey along with us.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated with our blog, as well the progression of Ultraloop. We look forward to any comments or feedback!


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