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Updated: Apr 28

Welcome to the very first Ultraloop blog! Debuting with the drop of our new and reinvigorated website, expect this to be an insight of the company’s progress, with new posts weekly! We started this blog to engage in conversations in science, and technology, as well as report the progress of our start up: Ultraloop Technologies.

Ultraloop Technologies is a student-based Healthcare Technology company, based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Our current priorities are in mass sanitation to reduce the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases in areas where such things are abundant, like hospitals, schools, warehouses and factories. We’re currently making grassroots connections with elementary, middle, high schools, as well as universities, including UNC – Chapel Hill.

The Ultraloop device uses ultraviolet light (UVC) to sanitize 99.99% of bacteria 360 degrees around each object leaving it completely disinfected. Without the moisture of wipes or sprays, Ultraloop is perfect for devices like phones, laptops, and headphones.

With a proven track record, selling over 5,000 devices to businesses in India, we look to make Ultraloop an international staple, changing the future of how we protect ourselves from pathogens.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay updated with our blog, as well the progression of Ultraloop. We look forward to any comments or feedback!


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