Ultraloop 2.0

Introducing Ultraloop 2.0


In today’s world, the fears, dangers, and risks of viral and pathogenic infections are at their peak. As a result, people are now more afraid than ever to participate in public activities. Currently, we have masks to protect airborne spreading, but what about everything else? Our personal items, like our phones or laptops? Ultraloop seeks to eliminate this issue using UVC technology.  


Ultraloop is a sanitization device you can trust. It sanitizes 99.9% of pathogens within its chamber. This process only takes about 30 seconds to complete and is perfect for any setting. Instead of one-time use sanitization products with variable effectiveness, the Ultraloop 2.0 lasts for years and sustains its efficacy throughout.


Chemical Free 360 ° Sanitization


Ultraloop 2.0 provides 360° sanitization due to its proprietary internal chamber that reduces the chances of blockages and blind spots, ensuring maximum UVC exposure for the items placed inside its chamber. We have ensured our product's efficacy through rigorous testing with several types of UVC test cards and intensity meters.


Spraying chemicals on items such as mobile phones and laptops damages their body and screens. Ultraloop has been scientifically designed to ensure the safety of all the items placed within its chamber. Chemicals, when sprayed, also enter your body and can cause serious issues in the short term by irritating the lungs and serious health issues such as Asthma in the long term.



Safety and Features


Ultraloop is very easy to use. The three-step process to pass your way through Ultraloop:


1) Open the lid and insert the objects you want to sanitize.

2)  Ensure none of the objects are overlapping & close the lid.

3) Press the start button.


When the sanitization cycle begins, you will notice the lid lights up, and after the process is completed, the lights will turn off.


The Ultraloop 2.0 comes with an in-built magnetic safety switch that ensures auto cut-off if the lid is opened while the cycle is still on.


Ultraloop is pre-programmed, keeping in mind the dosage of our UVC lights so that users don't have to worry about choosing the cycle times. Our device is capable of providing an average UVC dosage of 230 J/m^2 during the 30-second cycle. The efficacy of 99.9% has been verified by multiple pathology labs for this dosage over the SARS-COV-2 virus and several other pathogens.

Portability and Robust Design


Ultraloop 2.0's sleek design makes it suitable for all settings, whether it is your house, office, cafe, clinic, or college campus. You can show it off to your friends or clients as a classic sci-fi gizmo too.


We have kept in mind the busy lives of our users and made Ultraloop super easy to use so you can sanitize your belongings in seconds and remain stress-free.


We have carefully chosen materials while designing Ultraloop, which ensures 100% UV shielding to the outside environment, making it safe to use in any setting and for users of all ages. The health and safety of our users are our topmost priority.


Applications of Ultraloop 2.0 


Ultraloop has been scientifically designed and configured to be used for sanitizing all kinds of materials safely and efficiently. Our device kills pathogens from the surfaces of daily use items such as packages, groceries, bags, water bottles, electronic gadgets, books, and many other personable items that are frequently touched during day-to-day activities. The device is also a great fit for offices and educational institutions with frequent visitors.


With Ultraloop you do not need to worry about washing your fruits and vegetables after they have been sanitized in our chamber. Ultraloop 2.0's 32-liter capacity allows you to sanitize all your kitchen utensils and frequently touched objects at once rather than spending time disinfecting them individually. You can also sanitize your toiletries in Ultraloop instead of boiling them in water. 

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