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What are the use cases for Ultraloop at schools?

As children walk into school they can place all their water bottles, backpacks, lunchbox and much more while washing their hands.

What is the wavelength of UV Light used in Ultraloop?

253.7 nm is the wavelength of UV-C being used here because at this the germicidal activity is maximum.

Since you’re using UV-C, do I need to worry about Ozone generation?

In general, UV-C radiations cannot generate ozone destroying molecules. UVV or Vacuum UV light is the fourth part of the ultraviolet spectrum which is responsible for ozone degradation as it operates in the range 100-200 nm. Some UVC devices also produce light in this wavelength but not Oven.

Can we use it for mobile phones, laptops or IPads?

All electronics can be placed within our Ultraloop and will be disinfected without any damage to the products as our UVC sanitization only affects the uppermost layer of the product.