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What is Ultraloop?

Ultraloop Technologies, Inc. is a novel UV-C light sanitizing company founded by students at UNC-Chapel Hill. Ultraloop is committed to providing industry-leading sanitization & healthcare solutions to hospitals, businesses, and institutions to make spaces safe & infection-free for all the community members. 

Introducing Ultraloop 2.0

Our Brand New—Safe, Effective, & Proven—sanitization device that disinfects 99.9% of pathogens within its chamber.

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Why Use It?

Currently, we have masks to protect airborne spreading of disease. But what about all of the bacteria that is constantly on all of our personal items—such as our phones, laptops, wallets, keys, etc...?

Ultraloop eliminates this problem using its UV-C technology.  

By reducing the amount of bacteria there is on our everyday items, we will also be able to reduce the transmission of infectious disease. 

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How Does it Work?


Why did we develop this device?

When Aditya (Founder) had to travel back to India last March due to Covid, he noticed no way to sanitize his personal items such as his phone and handbag in flight or at the airports. There was also no way to sanitize the luggage without using chemical-based sprays, which was time-consuming and inefficient. To solve this, he came up with the idea of making something that can sanitize items without using chemicals and disinfectants, which are harmful both to the user & environment. So, over last summer, he developed the Ultraloop Conveyor system and, based on feedback from early customers, the Ultraloop 2.0, for which there has been the most demand in India & the US.

What is UV-C?

UV-C reffers to the high energy waves in the UV Spectrum, which is able to effectively kill bacteria. If you would like to learn more: visit our UV-C Technology page!

What can I put / not put in the device?

Ultraloop has been scientifically designed and configured to be used for sanitizing all kinds of items & materials—safely and efficiently—that fit inside its robust 32-liter chamber. Things to Sanitize: - Phones, Tablets, Laptops - Masks - Water Bottles - Keys - & Much more... Things Not to Sanitize: - Medicines

Is the device harmful to the environment?

In reality, the device produces a net positive to the environment as it reduces the consumption of cleaning resources and hundreds of different chemicals.

How do I know Ultraloop devices can actually sanitize my devices?

Ultraloop Technologies Inc. has undergone rigorous third party testing to confirm the efficacy of its devices. Third party testing includes SGS testing, as well as testing in Strahl Labs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Further information about device efficacy is available upon request.

Where are Ultraloop devices currently being used?

Ultraloop devices are gaining traction in a multitude of industries. Some of these industries include: education, healthcare, sports/entertainment, and hospitality. However, potential for Ultraloop devices remains high in any and all industries due to the need for an improved sanitation infrastructure in all settings.

UNC Chapel Hill

Campus Pilot

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Students & Staff:

"This pilot will be our way to get feedback from the campus community and improve our product as we expand to other campuses. We want to remain on campus and be ready for the next wave or variants without having to go remote!"

— Aditya Bhatt (Rising Junior at UNC, and Founder of Ultraloop Technologies, Inc.)